During our trip to Shanghai, Christian and Matthew sat down with EOS Cannon and talked about the BitSpace EOS BP Candidacy. This interview was first published by EOS Cannon on Bihu.

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Who are you & when was your BP candidacy announced?

BitSpace is Norway’s leading blockchain technology company with over 20 full-time employees. Currently new BitSpace operations are being deployed in Estonia, Ukraine, Poland and Portugal. Our EOS BP candidacy was announced on Steemit April 24, 2018


Why do you want to become a BP?

BitSpace was founded on the principles of individual sovereignty, voluntary association and political & financial freedom. Our mission at BitSpace is to create a decentralised world through incubation of blockchain-related projects, development of dAPPs and the organisation of community initiatives. The EOS platform presents a viable, scalable and flexible solution for enterprises worldwide. Helping to develop the EOS ecosystem is a step towards a decentralised future.

The founders of BitSpace have been a strong supporters of Daniel Larimers core vision since 2013 and we want to help make it a reality.

“My mission in life is to find free market solutions to secure life, liberty, and property for all.”
-Daniel Larimer


A brief introduction of your team core members?

Manuel Lains and Christian Lains have regularly been holding presentations since 2013 on the topic of Bitcoin, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, highlighting the DPoS projects of Daniel Larimer, BitShares, Steemit and recently EOS. Christian has a Master’s degree in philosophy and has been active in the BitShares and Steemit communities under the name ‘clains’. Manuel has a degree in electrical engineering and ran a BitShares Block Producer under the name ‘spectral.’ Lead developer Frederic Lhote has experience modifying and hosting DPoS blockchains, and DevOP Lars-Ivar Ihler has extensive experience hosting complex server systems. CMO Matthew Bryce has organized and promoted several BitSpace EOS events. He has been leading the web & media production and develops the marketing campaigns.


What is unique about your candidacy, what do you want people to remember you for?

Being based in Norway, BitSpace is situated in a country where the fundamentals of business revolve around trust and transparency. Norway runs on renewable energy resources with low environmental cost and is one of the worlds most stable countries. BitSpace is in a unique position by having an established business foundation with a public track record that aligns with the principles and vision of EOS.

预计主要为EOS生态在哪些方面作出贡献?设想过哪些方法可以让EOS TOKEN增值?

Which areas you will contribute to the global EOS ecosystem and how do you propose to further increase the value of the EOS token?

BitSpace held the first EOS hackathon in the world and the first EOS meetup in Scandinavia. We are continually holding meetups, hackathons and conferences about EOS. BitSpace are creating an EOS Academy. This will be a physical educational institute that will teach developers to build and collaborate on EOS. The EOS Academy will help incubate new dApp projects and create a new generation for the decentralised developer community.


What is your BP election plan?

BitSpace aim to get votes by consistently providing value to the EOS ecosystem and being transparent with products and operations. By constantly innovating and creating new professional development and marketing initiatives, we will help facilitate the long-term mainstream adoption of EOS.


Where can Chinese community members get updates on your BP election progress? Do you have a plan to publish on some Chinese sites (Bihu.com or other sites), Do you have a road trip/meet up plan to China?

We have a Chinese translation of BitSpace Block Producer Introduction on Steemit and we were the first western candidate to post on Bihu. The BitSpace BP homepage has a Chinese version and we also operate BitSpace channels on WeChat and YouKu.

We visited Shanghai in May to participate in local EOS events and meet with the Chinese community and fellow BP candidates. This was a great experience and we hope to visit China again in the very near future.


What is your view on ~30% of Chinese BP candidates recently?

China has always been a strong supporter of Daniel Larimer’s projects. We are happy to see Chinese community embracing EOS and driving it forward. The EOS community in China is large and growing everyday. The standard set by Chinese BPs is inspirational for BitSpace.


From your perspective, What kind of BP will win support from your community?

We believe BP’s with high technical competence, transparency and community support will be the top-rated Block Producers.

想对EOS Cannon和其他中国社区的EOS参与者说什么?

What else you want to say to EOS Cannon and other Chinese EOS community members?

The Chinese EOS community is very impressive and we are happy to be developing good communication channels. We look forward to the future opportunities that we will all get from the EOS ecosystem and hope to enjoy this journey together.