BitSpace just hosted a workshop on Oslo Blockchain Day !

Oslo Blockchain Day drew 200 attendees for a full day conference packed with presentations as well the workshop. The workshop ran the whole day and was divided into three themes; the first theme was a basic introduction to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The second was a general introduction to the many blockchain projects that exist in the cryptocurrency space, as well as how to trade and exchange between different currencies. Finally, the third part was a crash-course in how to issue your own asset with the BitShares blockchain.

Help from the Bitcoin community

For the first and second part we had help from notable Bitcoin community members Bjørn Bjercke, better known as “Mr. Bitcoin,” as well as Nicholas O’Malley who recently participated in the Bitcoin-experiment documentary on NRK. For the third part, issuing shares with BitShares, we got Sigve Kvalsvik, better known as “svk,” who is one of the first people in the world to be employed by the blockchain itself, currently voted into position by the BitShares community and getting paid to develop the graphical user interface of BitShares.

Videos from the presentations are being uploaded to this youtube playlist.