BitSpace Code of Conduct

The BitSpace code of conduct was included in the official BitSpace Block Producer Proposal published April 24th 2018 on Steemit.

Quoted here in full:

IndependenceBitSpace BP will actively strive to maintain independence, including financial, political, legal and technical independence.

No Collusion: BitSpace BP will be proactive in preventing collusion with other block producers and diligent in reporting potential conflicts of interest.

No Vote Buying: BitSpace BP shall not engage in vote buying.

Honesty and Integrity: To be truthful and to not profit by false or misleading statements, nor by withholding information.

Transparency and Openness: BitSpace BP will provide relevant and up to date information regarding key operations, including technical, financial and legal aspects of our services.

Execute Arbitration: BitSpace BP will carry out policy changes, enforce rulings and abide by arbitration decisions.

Legal Compliance: BitSpace BP will be compliant regarding all aspects of our operation and proactive in establishing best-practice procedures for EU directives like the GDPR.


The list of practical positions adopted by BitSpace BP will continue to evolve along with the EOS constitution to reflect the most up to date and mature understanding.